Frequent questions

1Certified translation
A certified translation is issued and signed by a member of the College of Translators of Peru. This type of translation is used for the following documents and procedures:

• Academic transcripts, professional degrees, study plans and syllabi.
• Documents for public tenders.
• Documents for private use that require a signature (bills of lading, uncertified contracts, certificates of employment, reports, invoices, medical certificates, laboratory analyses, etc).
2Simple translation
This kind of translation does not bear the signature nor the seal of the translator. This type of translation is required for::

• Correspondence
• International entities.
• Letters and essays for universities abroad, etc.
• Insurance policies
• All types of publications (advertising, web sites, and multilingual projects, among others)
3Quotation and deadline
Quotation is made once the original document has been thoroughly revised. The deadline of translation depends on the extension and sophistication of the original document.
4Method of payment and delivery
Once the quotation is accepted, the client shall pay out the 50% in a bank account. The balance of the translation job shall be paid one day before the delivery of the document(s) translated.

The client shall pick up the translated document(s) in person or may also opt for the delivery service. In this case, the client shall bear the cost of delivery that may be paid jointly with the translation job.

The first delivery service will be free of charge as a courtesy.
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